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Biometrics Based Authentication for Web Services

Our is OpenID Connect compatible authentication and identity verification web service.
It uses our patented ZEFA ® Zero Effort Authentication method. It complements voice biometric with behavioral factors, which makes it practically unbreakable.
ZEFA has been granted patent in USA and Europe (EPO) ”Audiovisual Associative Authentication Method, Related System and Device”

Scalable Physical Access Control

Cloudkey Security is a biometric, highly customizable and easy to install.
It has two models, Basic and Adanced.

Basic  version uses SIM card for dumb call verification, face verification and optionally a key fob for identity verification. 

Advanced version uses additionally speaker verification, SMS OTP and mobile handset as remote keypad.
End users are instructed by a programmable display.

Since none of the available identity verification method assumes physical contact, the locking system can not constitute a contamination source for pathogenes.
It is also not vulnerable to vandalism, since it exposes no fragile parts to outsiders.

Available authentication methods are:

  • NFC token / near field reader (card, key fob)
  • Face recognition
  • Speaker verification
  • PIN (Person Id Number) *
  • OTP (One Time Passcode) *
  • Dumb calls by mobile phone

* User’s mobile phone is used as remote keyboard.


IP Telephony Real Time Translation (future product)

Participants in a conference call, speaking different languages, can authenticate by using biometric identity verification.
It assures parties that they are speaking with the legitimate persons.
They can sign transcribed discussion digitally at the end of the call.
Identity verification is based on our method, which has been proved to be 100% resilient against replay attacks in the scientific IEEE/ACM Article
"Robust Voice Liveness Detection and Speaker Verification Using Throat Microphones"
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing
JANUARY 2018, Volume: 26, Issue:1
Print ISSN: 2329-9290
Online ISSN: 2329-9304
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/TASLP.2017.2760243
When participants use our dual microphone, which captures both audio and throat signals, the quality of voice is enhanced dramatically.
The ambient noice is cancelled from the input data andtranslation process can utilize two, complementary voice streams which are synchronized.


Throat microphone signal, no ambient noise.

Audio microphone.

Our IP telephony method ”Online Multimodal Information Method, Related System and Device” has been granted a patent in Finland 2018.